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PRISMA data are now available for access

Spaceborne VSWIR data from the Italian PRISMA satellite (both archived and new acquisitions) opened to users last week.

From our colleagues at ASI:

PRISMA (Hyperspectral Precursor of the Application Mission), a mission fully funded by Italian Space Agency (ASI), is an Earth Observation  system with a 30 km swath, that combines a hyperspectral sensor with a medium-resolution panchromatic camera.In particular, the imaging spectrometer takes images with a  pixel size of 30 m in a continuum of spectral bands ranging from 400 to 2500 nm.

With a repeat orbital cycle of approximately 29 days, the PRISMA system is capable of acquiring images distant 1000 km in a single pass so that the relook time can be significantly reduced to less than one week.

The PRISMA system provides the capability to acquire, downlink and archive images over the primary area of interest defined as in the following ranges: 180°W - 180°E and 70°S - 70°N.

Launched on orbit in March 2019 and after closing the commissioning phase, the access to PRISMA data (both archived and as new acquisitions) opened to users last week. The link for registration is:

After registration, the PRISMA documentation (e.g., PRISMA Product Specifications) is also available in the same portal for data search  and download at:

The PRISMA web page can be found here:


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