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Research and Applications

The Research and Applications studies required to successfully identify viable candidate architectures for the Surface Biology and Geology Targeted Observable that can lead to Mission Confirmation Review/KDP-A readiness.  A fuller understanding of the science and applications benefits from, and challenges for various observing strategies is the key outcome of these activities.

Research and Applications Objectives

The Decadal Survey report identifies Surface Biology and Geology (SBG) as a Targeted Observable in the Designated priority category and the SBG recommendations are summarized on pages 3-63 and 3-64.

As stated in the Decadal Survey report,

the Surface Biology and Geology observable is linked to one or more Most Important or Very Important science objectives from each panel and feeds into the three ESAS 2017 integrating themes: water and energy cycle, carbon cycle, and extreme event themes."  

Observations of the Earth’s surface biology and geology, with the ability to detect detailed spectral signatures, provide a wide range of opportunities for Earth system science parameters. The wide range of benefits includes five (5) “Most Important”, six (6) “Very Important” and nineteen (19) “Important” science/application objectives. A set of research and applications studies and activities are planned to build on the Decadal report and provide the required information and material for the next step to achieve the SBG objectives.

The SBG driving science and applications objectives will flow into SBG science measurement requirements and define the requirements for SBG Candidate Architectures.  We note that many SBG science and applications objectives require level 3 and level 4 data products.  This will require the team to analyze, verify and validate the traceability of the driving science measurement and observing system requirements.  SBG Applications studies will leverage the efforts established in the HyspIRI and ECOSTRESS applications programs for initial inputs into the applications objectives and data targets.

SBG Science and Applications Objectives Studies

  • Compile the driving SBG requirements for all Designated Observable (DO) science and applications objectives

  • Develop the SBG Science and Applications Traceability Matrix (SATM)

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